How To Choose A Miami Web Design Company

Type “Miami web design” in anyone of major search engines and chances are you might overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies out there operating in Miami that specialize (or so they say) in helping local business owners market their business online through a well-designed website. Run this particular query through google and on the first page alone you will be presented with no less than 10 companies competing with one other for your business.  And that’s on the first page! The obvious question is, which one do you choose and should you even bother to go beyond the first page to see what else is there?

We have a few things that we think you should keep in mind. The number one among these is the sample work. While having a portfolio of great-looking websites is a given, what you want to do is look for a company who as actually designed a website for a small Miami business. When I was looking to find a web designer for one of our companies’ websites, I remember talking to a few designers and asking them if they had ever designed a website for a competitor of ours, or at least a site in an industry that was similar to ours. The designer I finally chose put it all in perspective for me, and I have followed his advice ever since, for each and every one of the website I have created.

cheap web designIn terms of coding and layout and graphic design and any other one of the myriads of specialties a modern web designer must be competent, there is one thing above all else that he or she must absolutely have.  An understanding of how business works. Without it, no amount of clever web designing will mean anything. This is particularly true for location.  A Miami web designer will understand how business works in Miami, and this is why I have always prefered to go local when selecting an website design agency.

Another thing that you need to consider is the back-end programming of the website, specifically, you need to know what programming the web designer uses to make it easy for you to update the website and upload content to it. While in the past most websites were built with HTML, right now there are many, many programming languages that a website can be built on. Really, you don’t want a designer that makes itself indispensable by not telling you how you can update your website.

Still, another factor that you need to consider when choosing a web design company to hire are the other services on its menu. All websites need to rank or at least be searchable on Google, however, not all web design companies offer SEO services. Sure, you can always look for local SEO agencies, but if you’re the busy person that we think you are, you do not have the time to vet local companies for their Search Engine Optimization Services.

A web design company can cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per website depending on the complexity of the website. Based on our experience, there are those that offer only pure web design while there are those that offer complete services, from design, programming to SEO. If you are building a rather complex website that has a set of different sophisticated functionalities, you might want to hire a web development company.

Not all web design/web development companies are created alike, and there are those that are above other in terms of the quality of their work and their level of customer service. That said, always do research on at least three companies before hiring. Search for a company’s name on Google and see what former customers are saying about it.



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